Kate's Books & Articles

Kate Harper is a product designer and has written for Lark Books, San Francisco Examiner, and National Public Radio, along with several independent publications.

Her booklets include:

Topics include: how to determine pricing, pros and cons of book covers, how to represent articles accurately in e-Reader bookstores, tips for avoiding unnecessary costs and how to publish your article simply, without learning HTML coding or using conversion software.

 20 Steps to Art Licensing

How to license your art to companies that publish greeting cards, and manufacture coffee mugs, magnets, wall hangings, kitchen items, and dozens of other gift items. It includes topics on: How to find agents, classes and what trade shows to attend. There are extensive resources on social media, licensing community groups, and lists of interviews with professional designers

7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make

A list of things to avoid when submitting greeting card verse to publishers. Includes a list of card publishers, guidelines, writer interviews, articles, card samples. This article talks about how to create a trendy card that reflects the contemporary world we live in, and how to use our own personal experiences to create great card verse. Topics include: how to avoid limiting the market of who could buy your card, when to use adjectives, how not to creating card for enemies, how to write like people talk and a list of why card sentiment submissions are often rejected.

Unusual Ways To Market Greeting Cards. 

A booklet on how to get your cards noticed in non-traditional ways. Everything from why you should send cards to your dentist, to how to get special features in national publications. Great tips for designers who are starting out and want to get their cards into the hands of people beyond friends and family. Special Section: A list of 22 Gift Industry Trade Publications who seek out new greeting card designs and feature artists for free.

Cruise Ship Tricks and Tips 

A 19-page booklet on how to break the rules on a cruise ship. Learn how to be a frugal traveler, avoid bad entertainment, not dress up, and what you should bring that isn't in the brochure, and best of all, how to take advantage of what's available. Also personal recommendations on budget booking, specialty cruises, solo cruising, best kept secrets, and where to find good cruise reviews.


Kate's Interview with Author's Access on How to Publish "Articles on the Kindle and Nook"

Irene Watson and Tyler R. Tichelaar spoke with me about how to re-purpose existing articles and even blog posts as Amazon Kindle e-books. We covered a range of e-book production details including:
  • How e-book publishing world has changed (and how selling on Amazon is like having a free marketing department).
  • How anyone can publish on Amazon quickly and easily (there’s no excuse anymore for not finishing that book!)
  • Why publishing articles are better than publishing books
  • The advantages of selling an article on Amazon, rather than selling it to a magazine or newspaper.
  • Rules of thumb for formatting and selling articles for the Kindle (and how it is different than a book)
  • Watch out for the fear mongers who say you need to pay experts (and how can do this for free)
  • Other places to publish and sell your e-article (since you retain full rights to your work)
  • Why this is the best time in history to make a living being by being a writer (and how I accidentally started selling an article on Amazon)