Must Read Blogs

List Created by Kate Harper

For writers who want to learn more about what is happening in the ebook self-publishing arena, here are a list of blogs I read and highly recommend. Use Instapaper or Readability Firefox Add-On to have articles downloaded to your Kindle. - K

Kristine Kathryn Rusch - Excellent blog by best selling author on how to deal with the changes in publishing industry. Check out the series of articles called “Surviving the Transition.”

Dean Wesley Smith – Best selling author discusses changes in the publishing industry and how to help writers with the new world of publishing. Check out “Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing” articles.

The Passive Voice – All about disruptive changes in publishing, including: Ebooks, Ereaders and Ebookstores, Emerging Legal and Contract Issues

EbookNewser – This blog seems to get ebook news before the newspapers do!

Newbie’s Guide to Publishing - If you can only read one blog about why you should self-publish ebooks, read this one.  The author Joe Konrath is a successful self-publisher on the Kindle and gives all his sales figures upfront. He also requires that of his guest bloggers.  You will get a lot of information on how to market your Kindle publications here.
A good article to start with is this interview between Joe and Barry Eisler

Smashwords Blog - Blog written by Mark Coker, owner of the company Smashwords, leader in the independent ebook publishing world.

Savvy Book Marketer - More of a traditonal publishing blog, but great content and tips. - A nice blog on the whole topic of publishing and good design

View from the Publishing Trenches - An author, book designer who writes about publishing.

Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue - Latest publishing and writing industry insider news.

Self-Publishing Review -

Kindle Expert (Publishing your content to Kindle) - A Kindle conversion consultant who also writes a blog.

IndieKindle - Stephen Windwalker's resource for authors and indie ebook publishers.

Ebook Endeavors - An indie fantasy author talks about e-publishing, marketing and blog promotion.

O’Reilly Radar - Not specifically on the topic of Kindle, but a lot of news about on what’s going on in publishing.

Pixel of Ink - I stumbled on this blog, which also has a facebook page, updated by a passionate Kindle reader who searches for free books that come available daily, many that are only free for a short promotional time.

Kindle Chronicles Blog - The blog associated with the Kindle Chronicles Podcast.  I’ve particularly been impressed by the author who actively responds to emails from readers and listeners. Lots of resources.