Free Webinar Monday: Ebook Formatting

Len Edgerly hosts one of my favorite podcasts Kindle Chronicles and today I just heard he will be doing a free webinar on Formatting Ebooks on June 27th. Kindle Chronicles is a top rate professional podcast and he interviews interesting and engaging people.


Len Edgerly will give an overview of how to format your book or article for Kindle and other e-readers. Len will cover the following points:

• How to create your e-book or article manuscript in Microsoft Word or other word processing program.
• How to format it for submission to Amazon's Kindle Store, so it can be purchased for reading on a Kindle or in any of the free Kindle applications for PC, Mac, smartphones, etc.
• How to format your book or article for e-readers other than the Kindle, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks on iPad, and Sony Reader.
• How to include non-text elements such as photos and charts in your e-book or article.
• A list of resources for further study and assistance.

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