Difference between an ebook, enhanced ebook and book app

Here's a great article that describes the differences between these three types of digital books. Here's an excerpt.

  • An e-book is a digital snapshot of a book, where the text is converted so it is readable on an electronic device. It's pretty much the same as a book, except you are reading it with a different medium (from paper to an eReader). To make an ebook requires word processing or web design skills.
  • An enhanced e-book is still a linear story but it and adds multimedia and interactive features for support of the story, such as music, slide shows or audio. To create an enhanced e-book requires the skills of a web developer.
  • A book app is based on a book but acts more like a game with multiple pathways that require the user to interact instead of simply scrolling and clicking. These books are good when you've got so much material that linear approach is no longer practical, and you want an app as an add-on product to your book. A book app can do everything an enhanced e-book does, but crosses the line from linear storytelling to non-linear storytelling. Apps require knowing programming of C++ or Apple's Objective C programming skills.

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Here's an example of an enhanced children's book:

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