Why I'm Only Reading Indie Authors

I ran across this conversation on the Kindle Boards forum and asked for permission to repost part of it here. This original post is by Samantha Warren

Why I'm Only Reading Indie Authors,
by Samantha Warren

Recently I've made a decision to only purchase books for my Kindle by indie authors--unless a traditionally published book gets really high recommendations or looks really really good.

I will still select DTBs (dead tree books) based on whether they look good or not, regardless of who published them. But since books are more readily available for the Kindle and I prefer to read on my Kindle, my new DTBs will be few and far between. There are several reasons for choosing indie writers over traditionally published books.

1. First and foremost, when I purchase an ebook from an indie author, I know the money is going directly to them. This is important because:
a. The traditionally published author has already gotten paid for my book in all likelihood. They'll have gotten an advance and it will take awhile and a massive amount of sales for them to get to the point where they are earning anything from the actual sales.

b. Indie authors make more from royalties than traditionally published authors. If I spend what little money I can spare on a book, I want to know that the person who wrote that book is getting the benefit from it.

2. Many indie authors are like me--hope that doing what they love will help ease that struggle a bit. They have a faint hope that maybe someday they'll get lucky and "make it" so that they can quit their EDJ (evil day job)and write full time, but they still love writing for the sake of writing.

This is much the same reason I prefer college football over professional. The kids still have heart. They haven't let greed overtake their passion.

3. Indie authors, for the most part, are still reachable. I can talk to them on Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, and they'll usually respond. Sure, there are a few who think they're better than everyone else, but most are just normal people. It's nice to know that behind that About the Author picture, there's a real person who still cares about their fans more than they care about the checks their fans write.

4. I have better luck finding things I enjoy reading in the indie realm. I lean more toward the quirky side and I like to read things that often do not make it through an editor's slush pile or are deemed "unsaleable". I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Those are very niche categories in traditional publishing. But on the Kindle, there are more books that I could ever possibly read. Sure, some of them are crap and I wish I'd never read them. But more are actually really good, and I never would have read them had I relied on a publisher finding them acceptable.

5. And last but not least, it's nice spending less than $5 on a really good book. I'm poor and don't have a lot of extra spending cash. I like being able to buy a couple books a month rather than just one. Not to mention, indie authors do a lot of giveaways, contests, etc, so it's easy to find good, free books. But if you read a free book, make it worth the author's time and give them a review!

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