Interview about Publishing Articles on the Kindle

Recent Interview:

Irene Watson and Tyler R. Tichelaar spoke with me about how to re-purpose existing articles and even blog posts as Amazon Kindle e-books. We covered a range of e-book production details including:
  • How e-book publishing world has changed (and how selling on Amazon is like having a free marketing department).
  • How anyone can publish on Amazon quickly and easily (there’s no excuse anymore for not finishing that book!)
  • Why publishing articles are better than publishing books
  • The advantages of selling an article on Amazon, rather than selling it to a magazine or newspaper.
  • Rules of thumb for formatting and selling articles for the Kindle (and how it is different than a book)
  • Watch out for the fear mongers who say you need to pay experts (and how can do this for free)
  • Other places to publish and sell your e-article (since you retain full rights to your work)
  • Why this is the best time in history to make a living being by being a writer (and how I accidentally started selling an article on Amazon)

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