E-book Authors Making Good Profit

Here's a great article over on E-Book Endeavors about some successful Indie authors who write fantasy:

Quite a few folks find this blog searching for information on how much money indie authors are making e-publishing. Is it possible to make a living? Which genres sell best?

I’ve addressed some of these questions in previous posts, so today’s post is all about inspiration. You can make money as an indie, and you can even make a lot.

Today we’re looking at indie fantasy authors Brian S. Pratt, BV Larson, and David Dalglish. I don’t know any of these fellows personally, but from their sales rankings and their various blog posts and interviews, it’s clear they’re earning enough to make a living from their e-publishing careers (sometimes a very good living!). And the fact that they write high fantasy and science fiction shows that you don’t have to stick to popular genres.

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