Overstock.com has Nooks for Half Price

With a Slickdeals coupon, I was able to pay $75 for this refurbished Nook at Overstock.com. Free Shipping too. It arrived like new.

It's worth adding slickdeals to your RSS feed since a lot of deals fly through fast.

Author Turns Down $500,000 to opt for self publishing

Barry Eisler turned down a large deal to go on his own with ebook publishing.

Six-figure publishing contracts are the stuff most writers dream of, but for Barry Eisler, publishing his work online had even more allure. The bestselling thriller author and former CIA agent turned down a “half a mil” publishing contract for two books, opting to release his work as e-books on Amazon and other e-publishing platforms. Though Eisler is opposed to the onerous DRM that traditional publishers impose on the books in their stables, he says his decision was motivated by economic realities rather than highfalutin principles. When he was sitting at the table with his family and trying to figure out the terms of his next deal, his eleven-year-old daughter asked why he didn’t just self-publish — and he realized that she had a point.

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E-book Authors Making Good Profit

Here's a great article over on E-Book Endeavors about some successful Indie authors who write fantasy:

Quite a few folks find this blog searching for information on how much money indie authors are making e-publishing. Is it possible to make a living? Which genres sell best?

I’ve addressed some of these questions in previous posts, so today’s post is all about inspiration. You can make money as an indie, and you can even make a lot.

Today we’re looking at indie fantasy authors Brian S. Pratt, BV Larson, and David Dalglish. I don’t know any of these fellows personally, but from their sales rankings and their various blog posts and interviews, it’s clear they’re earning enough to make a living from their e-publishing careers (sometimes a very good living!). And the fact that they write high fantasy and science fiction shows that you don’t have to stick to popular genres.

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Hilarious Video

This video had me laughing a lot. It shows a man trying to help another man go through the transition from reading scrolls to reading books. Very applicable to today's resistance to ebooks.

17 Resources for E-book Publishers

Saw this great article at hbs Publications. To read entire article go to their blog.

Ebook authors: 17 Great Information Sources

I have been asked several times this month what I think are the best current sources of information for the eBook author and how do I use them. I think research is a key element in an indie’s quest for success so I spend a lot of time reading blogs and books on publishing and writing.

I did a little research on my research and this is what I came up with. These are my favorites. You may not agree or I have left a good blog out but at least this list could be a starting point for the would-be author.